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Dormitory Drama - Part 8

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ID: 2575 Intermediate
Dormitory life can move fast, one day your bunk mate is annoying you by rattling their plastic bags all the time and the next they are gone. In this episode Zhou Li moves out and we find out that one of her room mates doesn't care enough to notice.
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退宿 tuìsù to move out of a dormitory
家伙 jiāhuo guy
走读 zǒudú to move off campus while studying
毕业论文 bìyèlùnwén graduation thesis
zhōulì tuìsù le ?shénmeshíhou de shì ā ?
Has Zhou Li moved out of the dormitory? When did this happen?
jīntiān shàngwǔ ,nǐ kàn tā chuáng shàng de dōngxi dōu méi le 。
This morning, look all the stuff is gone from above her bed.
zhè jiāhuo ,zěnme bù shuō yī shēng jiù zǒu le 。
That girl! How could she just up and leave without saying a word.
tā shuō tā de kè hěn shǎo ,suǒyǐ wàimian zū le fángzi ,dǎsuàn zǒudú 。
She says she doesn't have many classes, so she's rented a place and plans to live off campus.
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