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Dormitory Drama - Part 3

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ID: 2513 Intermediate
What's Part 3 of our series serving up now? A few things actually! From cafeteria food to the latest on Zhang Yu's new boyfriend, listen as the drama unfolds.
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饭卡 fànkǎ meal card
胃口 wèikǒu appetite
食堂 shítáng cafeteria, dining hall
厨子 chúzi cook
Liúběiběi ,nǐ zěnme méi diǎncài ?shì bushì fànkǎ lǐ méi qián le ?
Liu Beibei, why didn't you order any dishes? Is it because your meal card doesn't have any money on it?
méi wèikǒu 。xuéxiào shítáng de chúzi shì zěnme xiǎng de ?yùmǐchǎopútáo !
I am not hungry. What is the chef of the school's cafeteria thinking of? Corn stir-fried grapes!
wǒ kàn yě yǒu rén chī ā 。zhège liángbànmiàn tǐng hǎo de 。
I noticed some were eating it. These cold noodles in sauce are very good.
háiyǒu nàge lìzhīsāiròu ,xiǎngxiang jiù ěxīn 。
There's also those meat-stuffed lychees. I feel sick just thinking about it.
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