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Don't Jump!

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ID: 2785 Upper Intermediate
Today we hear two people try and convince someone not to jump from a high building to their death. Learn some very useful words and phrases for comforting friends in Chinese when they are having some relationship trouble or just going through a tough time.
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十常八九 shíchángbājiǔ things constantly go wrong
何必 hébì why
想不开 xiǎngbùkāi to not be able to get over
quàn to advise
gūniang ,nǐ bié zhèyàng ,kuài xiàlai !
Young lady, don't do it, come down from there!
zěnmehuíshì ?āiyā !pá nàme gāo ,wēixiǎn nǎ !rénshēng bùrúyìshì, shíchángbājiǔ ,hébì xiǎngbùkāi ne ?
What's wrong? Agh! It's dangerous to climb up so high! If life isn't going your way, why let it get to you?
tā liǎng fēnzhōng qián jiù zhàn zài nàlǐ le ,zěnme quàn dōu méiyǒuyòng ,yīzhí nánnánzìyǔ shuō shénme shēng yǒu hé huān 、yīsǐbǎiliǎo ...
She's been standing there for two minutes already, there's no use trying to talk her down. She keeps on mumbling about how life is joyless and that death settles all accounts...
gūniang !gūniang !nǐ niánjìqīngqīng ,yǒu shénme shì guò bu qù ne ?shuōyishuō dàhuǒr lái xiǎngxiǎng bànfǎ ma ,nǐ bù xūyào yī ge rén dān zhe ā 。
Young lady! Young lady! You're still so young, what is it that's making you not want to go on? Tell everyone so that we can come up with a solution, OK? You don't need to cope on your own.
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