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Don't Drink and Drive!

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ID: 2994 Intermediate
Don't drink and drive! In this dialogue, two friends are discussing the night before. One of them has lost their ability to drink and was intending to drive home drunk, only to be stopped by the rest of the gang. Listen to see how the scene unfolded. Photo by westmidlandspolice
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幸好…不然 xìnghǎo…bùrán luckily... otherwise
平安 píngān safe and sound
一向 yīxiàng always (previously)
酒量 jiǔliàng ability to take alcohol
jiànmín ,zuótiān dāchē huíjiā méishì ba 。
Jianmin, did you get home alright in the taxi, yeah?
xìnghǎo nǐ bāng wǒ jiào le chē ,bùrán wǒ kěndìng méifǎ píng ān huíjiā 。
Luckily you called a cab for me, otherwise I definitely wouldn't have gotten home safe and sound.
nǐ zuótiān wǎnshang shì zěnmehuíshì ,bùshì yīxiàng jiǔliàng hěn hǎo ma ?zěnme hē le sān bēi hóngjiǔ jiù zuì le 。
What was wrong with you last night? You've always been able to take your alcohol, no? How did you get drunk from just three glasses of red wine?
wǒ yě bù zhīdào zìjǐ shì zěnmele ,yībānláishuō ,wǒ děi hē sān píng yǐshàng cái huì zuì 。
I don't know what's up with me either. Normally I'd only get drunk from drinking three bottles.
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