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ID: 2537 Upper Intermediate
This lesson focuses on the more serious aspects of life, covering everything from life after death to donating remains. A husband and wife discuss the possibilities and which factors will affect their decisions.
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灵魂 línghún soul
哲理 zhélǐ philosophical theory
有感而发 yǒugǎnérfā to make a comment due to personal feelings
人死可以复生 rénsǐkěyǐfùshēng a person can be reborn after death
lǎogōng ,nǐ shuō rén sǐ le yǐhòu zhēnde huì yǒu línghún ma ?
Hubby, do you think that people really will have a soul after death?
nǐ zěnme tūrán wèn zhème yǒu zhélǐ de wèntí ?
Why are you suddenly asking such a philosophical question?
ò ,zuìjìn wǒ kàn le yī bù diànyǐng ,yǒugǎnérfā 。yàoshì rénsǐkěyǐfùshēng jiù hǎo le …
Oh, I recently watched a movie and I have some thoughts on it. It would be good if a person could live again after death....
lǐlùnshàng láishuō yīnggāi bùtài kěnéng ,dànshì rúguǒ zìjǐ de qìguān jìnrù le biérén shēntǐ bìng néng fāhuīzuòyòng dehuà ,zài mǒuzhǒng yìyì shàng yě suàn huòdé le chóngshēng ba 。
In theory, it's not that possible, but if your own organs are in another person's body and can function, then in one respect it could be regarded as a rebirth.
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