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Dogs and Wealth

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ID: 1338 Upper Intermediate
Today we're headed to the vet for a check-up on a dog that's not feeling too well. Learn all about dogs and why they might just be the thing you need for increased prosperity!
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耷拉 dālā to droop
项圈 xiàngquān neckband, collar
解开 jiěkāi to undo
肠胃 chángwèi intestines and stomach
huānyíng guānglín !
nǐhǎo 。kuài jiù jiu wǒmen jiā Xiǎohēi 。tā zhèliǎngtiān yīzhí bùchībùhē de ,zhěngtiān dālā zhe nǎodài 。
Hi. Quick, save our Little Blacky. He hasn't been eating or drinking these past few days and his head has been drooping all day.
ò ,wǒ lái kàn kan ,bǎ xiàngquān jiěkāi 。yīnggāi shì chángwèi chū le wèntí ,nǐmen yīdìng shì gěi tā chī le záqīzábā de dōngxi 。
Okay, let me have a look. Let's take off the collar. He's probably having some stomach issues. You guys have definitely been giving him random things to eat.
wǒmen yǎng zhè xiǎojiāhuǒ yě méi tài shàngxīn ,yībān wǒmen chī shénme tā jiù chī shénme 。ǒuěr gěi tā mǎi diǎnr ròugǔtou kěn ken 。
We haven't been too attentive while raising this little guy. Usually he just eats whatever we eat. Sometimes we buy him some meat on a bone to gnaw on.
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