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Dog Personalities

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ID: 0475 Pre Intermediate
It’s been estimated that dogs have the ability to understand a vocabulary of around 200 words. So when you come to China, you’ll find out pretty quickly that that Chinese Shar-Pei dog really doesn’t know what you mean when you say “down boy” in English. In this lesson, learn about some of man’s best friend’s very particular personality traits, and some tips on dog training, in Mandarin Chinese. And remember, even the dogs will expect you to speak Chinese.
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yǎng to raise
品种 pǐnzhǒng breed
推荐 tuījiàn to recommend
活泼 huópo lively
wǒ xiǎng yǎng gǒu 。nǐ néng gěi wǒ tuījiàn yīxiē hǎo de pǐnzhǒng ma ?
I want to get a dog. Could you recommend some good breeds?
nà yào kàn nǐ xǐhuan shénmeyàng de 。yǒuxiē rén xǐhuan huópo yīdiǎn de gǒu ,yǒuxiē rén què xǐhuan wēnshùn yīdiǎn de 。
That depends on what you like. Some people like dogs that are a little more lively, others like a more docile dog.
yuè guāi yuè hǎo 。wǒ tīngshuō yǒuxiē xiǎo gǒu hěn chǎo ,dà gǒu fǎnér ānjìng 。
The more obedient, the better. I’ve heard that some small dogs are very noisy and that big dogs, on the other hand, are quiet.
yě bù wánquán shì 。qíshí zuì zhòngyào de shì xùnliàn 。
That’s not completely true. Actually, the most important thing is training.
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