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Dog Meat and Animal Rights

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ID: 1119 Upper Intermediate
In today's lesson we'll explore the controversial issue of eating dog meat in China. In today's podcast, learn how to hold your ground using Mandarin in a discussion on the topic of animal rights - at the dinner table.
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宵夜 xiāoyè midnight snack
忍心 rěnxīn to be hard-hearted enough to
上品 shàngpǐn top quality goods
入乡随俗 rùxiāngsuísú follow local customs
wā ,nǐ shuō dài wǒ xià guǎnzi ,jiùshì zhè jiā jiǔdiàn a !hàomǎ dōu páidào qīshí duō hào le ,lúndào wǒmen gāi chī xiāoyè le ba !
Oh, you said you'd take me out for a bite to eat, and it's this place! Our number is over 70-- by the time they get to us, it'll be a midnight snack!
shāo ānwùzào !zhèlǐ tiāntiān dōu bàomǎn ,wǒ yī ge lǐbài qián jiù dìng le zuòwèi 。
Calm down, this place is always hopping. I made reservations a week ago!
ng4 ,hǎo xiāng a !
Oh, it smells so good!
nǐ duō chī diǎnr !súhuà shuō "shénxiānzhàn bu wěn "!
Eat more! Doesn't the proverb go ''Dog meat is so tasty that even immortals go weak at the knees when they get a whiff!"
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