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Dodging Hong Kong Sales Tax

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ID: 1593 Upper Intermediate
For the growing numbers of affluent Chinese mainlanders, Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. That is, until this year, when some new tax policies kicked in. In this lesson, learn about the difficulties of buying an iPad cheap in Hong Kong, as well as a rather sneaky (if legally questionable) little plot to avoid those taxes.
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扫货 sǎohuò to go on a shopping spree
征税 zhēngshuì to levy taxes
据说 jùshuō 'it's said'
电子产品 diànzǐ chǎnpǐn electronic product
wǒ xià ge lǐbài qù Xiānggǎng sǎohuò ,nǐmen yào dài shénme ma ?
I'm going to Hong Kong for a little shopping spree next week. Do you want me to get you anything?
xiànzài qù Xiānggǎng mǎi dōngxi kāishǐ zhēngshuì le ,nǐ hái qù ?
They started levying taxes on goods bought in Hong Kong now. You're still going?
wǒ chá guo le ,wǔ qiān kuài yǐshàng cái kāishǐ zhēngshuì 。wǒ jiù mǎi xiē huàzhuāngpǐn ,yīfu shénme de ,yīnggāi bùhuì chāoguò 。érqiě jùshuō zhǐ duì diànzǐ chǎnpǐn chá de yán ,qítā de hěn róngyì ménghùnguòguān 。
I looked into it. They only levy taxes when it's about 5,000 kuai. I'm just going to buy some cosmetics, clothes, etc. I don't think I'll go over. Also, I heard they're only strict about electronics. Other things are really easy to sneak in.
āi ,nǐmen shéi yào qù Xiānggǎng a ?bāng wǒ dài tái iPad 。xiànzài shì niánmò dàshuǎimài ,tīngshuō zhǐ yào sānqiān duō 。
Hey, who's going to Hong Kong? Get me an iPad. It's the end of the year clearance. I heard they're only a little over 3,000.
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