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Do you Have an A4 Waist?

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ID: 2892 Upper Intermediate
Did you hear about the latest trend to hit WeChat. People were uploading pictures of themselves holding A4 sheets of paper up to their waist and posting these selfies onto their Moments feed. Why you ask? Well in order to prove that they have a waist that measures less that 8 inches naturally! Listen to a chat about this crazy social media trend and perhaps try it yourselves at home. Most folks might want to try A3 paper though ;) Photo from the BBC of Yuzhu Ruan
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遮住 zhēzhù to cover; to mask
小蛮腰 xiǎományāo a waist like that of Xiao Man (concubine to poet Bai Juyi)
难道 nándào can it be that
落伍 luòwǔ behind the times
朋友圈儿里这几天个个都拿A 4纸遮住小蛮腰,这是要干嘛,难道我又落伍啦?
péngyou quānr lǐ zhè jǐ tiān gègè dōu ná ēisì zhǐ zhēzhù xiǎományāo ,zhè shì yào gànma ,nándào wǒ yòu luòwǔ la ?
Over the last few days everyone on my Moments has taken a sheet of A4 paper to cover their waists, which all look like that of Xiaoman. What for? Am I falling behind the times or something?
有自知之明还是极好的,落伍本来就是您老的标签呀!哈哈,这次她们晒的都是A 4腰。
yǒu zìzhī zhīmíng háishì jí hǎo de ,luòwǔ běnlái jiùshì nín lǎo de biāoqiān ya !hāhā ,zhècì tāmen shài de dōu shì ēisì yāo 。
At least you know it, we've always labelled you as behind the times! Haha, this time what they're showing off is their A4 waists.
诶诶,你这小姑娘,给我贴标签哦,大叔也可以很时髦的。不过这A 4腰到底是什么啊,干嘛秀这个?
ēi ēi ,nǐ zhè xiǎogūniang ,gěi wǒ tiē biāoqiān ò ,dàshū yě kěyǐ hěn shímáo de 。bùguò zhè ēisì yāo dàodǐ shì shénme ā ,gànmá xiù zhè ge ?
Ah, ah! A little girl like you sticking labels on me eh? Your uncle can be very fashionable too. But what is this A4 waist? Why are they showing that off?
看吧,说您落伍还不服气呢,A 4腰顾名思义,就是用A4纸遮得住的腰呗,这是新一轮儿的好身材评价标准。
kàn ba ,shuō nín luòwǔ hái bù fúqì ne ,ēisì yāo gùmíngsīyì ,jiùshì yòng ēisì zhǐ zhē de zhù de yāo bēi ,zhè shì xīnyīlúnr de hǎo shēncái píngjià biāozhǔn 。
You see, and you didn't like being called behind the times. An A4 waist is exactly what it says, that you can use an A4 sheet of paper to cover your waist. It's a new standard of having a good body.
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