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Do you drink hot water? 你今天喝热开水了吗?

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ID: 4145 Advanced
Have you noticed that the Chinese often carry a thermos flask or mug with them wherever they go? Want to know why then begin this lesson to find out! The HSK vocabulary taught in this lesson are: 光荣(5)退休(5)人性(6) 你注意过中国人无论到哪里都带着一个保温杯,或者端着一个杯子吗?想知道为什么吗?让我们来听听今天的话题吧! HSK词汇有:光荣(5)退休(5)人性(6)
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tiāo to choose; to pick
高大上 gāodàshàng (slang) high-end, elegant, and classy
犒劳 kàoláo to reward with food and drink; to feast (sb); presents of food etc made to troops
光荣 guāngróng honor and glory
xiǎohuá ,kuài lái bāng wǒ tiāo tiāo ,nǎge bǎowēnbēi hǎo a ?
Xiaohua, come quickly and help me choose, which thermos mug is better?
zhè ge ba ,kàn qilai jiù gāodàshàng ,pèi nǐ zhèng hǎo 。nǐ qiánbùjiǔ bùcái mǎi le liǎng ge ma ?zěnme xiànzài yòu mǎi a ?
This suits you as it looks classy and high end. Didn’t you buy two recently? Why are you buying another one again?
shàngcì a ,wǒ shì bāng wǒ bà mā mǎi de ,zuìjìn dōu lèichéng gǒu le ,tiān yòu liáng le ,mǎi ge Xīn de lái kàoláo yīxià zìjǐ ,wǒ nàge dōu yòng hǎojǐ nián le ,kěyǐ guāngróng tuìxiū le 。
Last time I bought for my parents. I’m dog tired and the weather has turned cooler so I want to buy a new one to reward myself. The old one has been used for many years now, about time to officially retire it.
é !zán Zhōngguórén jiùshì xǐhuan hē rèkāishuǐ ,wàiguó jiù bù yīyàng le ,bùguǎn duō lěng de tiān ,tāmen dōu hē liángbáikāi 。
Wow, Chinese just love to drink hot water. Foreigners are different because no matter how cold the weather, they drink room temperature water.
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