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Do You Buy Xmas Gifts?

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ID: 2816 Intermediate
Today we hear a Chinese and British colleague chat about Christmas and how they will celebrate this holiday period. Seems like the Chinese colleague might be going on a date with someone! Have a Merry Xmas everybody. Listen to the song Fiona was trying to sing. YouTube
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西方人 xīfāngrén Westerners
过(节) guò to celebrate (a festival)
不同 bùtóng different
chāi to rip (open)
èi !nǐmen xīfāngrén zěnme guò shèngdànjié ?shìbushì yīdìng yào gēn jiārén zàiyīqǐ ,hái děi sòng měi ge rén lǐwù ?
Ah! How do you Western people spend Christmas? Don't you have to spend it with your family and have to give gifts to everyone?
chàbuduō shì zhèyàng ,bùguò měige dìfang háishì huì yǒu yīdiǎnr bùtóng ,wǒmen jiā shì yīdìng yào huíjiā de ,yīqǐ chīfàn 、chāi lǐwù 。
More or less, but each place is still a little different. In our family we have to go home, to eat together and open presents.
tīng qǐlai gēn Zhōngguórén guònián hěn xiàng ,yī jiā tuányuán ,chīchī hēhē 。
It sounds a lot like Chinese New Year for Chinese people, families getting together to eat and drink.
nà nǐmen shèngdànjié zuò shénme ne ?tīng qǐlai hǎoxiàng dōuyào gēn péngyou huò nánnǚpéngyou chūqù wán 。
What do you do on Christmas? It sounds like you go out with your friends or your girlfriend or boyfriend.
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