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Discussing Work

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ID: 0070 Pre Intermediate
You Freddie Mercury and David Bowie know about being under pressure? Did they ever have to compete with 1.4 billion other people? In this Intermediate lesson, Ken and Jenny take time out of their hectic lives to help you talk about yours. In this podcast, learn how to talk in Mandarin Chinese about pressure at work, salaries and job satisfaction.
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好像 hǎoxiàng to seem to be
压力 yālì pressure
有可能 yǒu kěnéng possibly
下班 xiàbān to get off work
Wáng xiānsheng ,nǐ hǎoxiàng hěn máng 。yālì dà ma ?
Mr. Wang, you seem very busy. Are you under too much pressure?
yǒu kěnéng 。wǒ de lǎobǎn gěi wǒ hěn dà yālì 。wǒ hěn zǎo shàngbān ,hěn wǎn xiàbān 。zhōumò jīngcháng jiābān 。
Maybe. My boss gives me a lot of pressure. I start work very early and finish very late. I often work overtime on the weekend.
nǐ zài zhè jiā gōngsī gōngzuò le duōjiǔ ?
How long have you been with that company?
zài zhè jiā gōngsī zuò le bā nián duō le 。dànshì wǒ duì wǒ de xīnshuǐ bùtài mǎnyì 。xīnshuǐ tài dī 。
I’ve worked with this company for over eight years. But I’m not satisfied with my salary. My salary is too low.
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