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Discussing Photography

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ID: 0206 Upper Intermediate
While it might come as a shock to you that “bunny ears” are not considered “photographically sound,” we’re sure that your composition and lighting are spot on. So, let’s see you follow a Mandarin lesson on the basic rules of the lens. In this podcast, learn to talk about the techniques and art of photography, using Mandarin Chinese. (Any photoshopping of John’s head to make it seem bigger than his body will result in water torture)
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随身 suíshēn along with one
正经 zhèngjing earnestly
讲究 jiǎngjiu detailed, particular
顺光 shùnguāng front lighting
wǒ zuìjìn míshàng shàng le shèyǐng 。suíshēn zǒngshì dài zhe xiāngjī 。
I've been fascinated by photography recently. I always carry a camera around with me.
shì ma ?shèyǐng kěshì yī mén dà xuéwèn 。nǐ shì xiā pāi hái shì zhèngjing zài xuéxí ?
Really? Photography encompass a huge body of knowledge. Are you doing it for fun or for real?
gāng kāishǐ zhǐshì xìngqù 。bùguò ,wǒ xiànzài zài rènzhēn yánjiū 。érqiě juéde yuèláiyuè yǒuqù 。
It was out of interest at first. But I am studying it seriously now. The more I learn it, the more I find it interesting.
shèyǐng yǒu méiyǒu shénme zhòngyào de guīzé ?hái shì zhǔyào píng gǎnjué ?
Are there any important rules in photography? Or is instinct primary?
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