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Discussing Old Jobs

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ID: 1871 Upper Intermediate
We hope all of our employed users have perfect jobs that are extremely fun and have great benefits and high salaries. Unfortunately, we have yet to meet someone who has never had a job that they despised. Today's Upper-Intermediate lesson joins three coworkers who have had less than satisfactory jobs in the past. Tune in and learn the invaluable skill of how to complain about previous jobs in Mandarin Chinese!
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上手 shàngshǒu to become familiar with and skilled at
状态 zhuàngtài form, state of mind
私企 sīqǐ private enterprise
加班费 jiābān fèi overtime pay
zánmen zuò nèi zhuō ba 。
Let’s sit at that table.
hǎo ,jīntiān shítáng lǐ rén hǎo duō a 。
OK. The dining hall is really crowded today.
ài ,děng deng wǒ ,wǒ de miàntiáo hái méi hǎo 。
Hey, wait for me. My noodles still aren’t ready.
zánmen xiān zuò ba 。zěnmeyàng ,zhèbiān gōngzuò dōu shúxī le ma ?
Let’s go sit down first. How’s it going? Have you gotten a feel for your job yet?
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