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Discussing Internet Marketing and Sales (Part 2)

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ID: 2118 Upper Intermediate
Get your business suits on poddies, ChinesePod's discussion of internet marketing techniques continues with a discussion about email and search engine marketing. In this part, learn the Chinese equivalents of internet marketing buzzwords like “keyword”, “click-through rate” and more. To enhance your experience, be sure to make use of the new Task feature for this lesson where you can upload your work in Chinese!
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大宗 dàzōng big ticket
当作 dàngzuò to treat as
删掉 shāndiào to delete
廉价 liánjià cheap
diànzǐyóujiàn ?zhè ge de xuānchuán chéngběn shì bǐjiào dī ,kěshì qìchē shì dàzōng shāngpǐn ,gòumǎi rénqún yǒuxiàn 。suíbiàn yī fā ,hěn duō rén dōu huì bǎ tā dàngzuò lājīyóujiàn shāndiào 。hái huì gěi rén zàochéng wǒmen hěn liánjià de gǎnjué 。
Email? The cost of this promotion is lower, but cars are a big ticket item and the number of buyers is limited. If you just send out a bunch of emails, lots of people will just treat it as spam and delete it. Plus, it will also give people the feeling that we are cheap.
dāngrán bùnéng suíbiàn yī fā la 。zhè ge yīdìng yào yǒu jīngzhǔn dìngwèi de shùjùkù 。
Of course we can't just indiscriminately email people! This requires a precisely targeted database.
nà qù nǎli zhǎo shùjùkù ne ?
And where would you find this database?
zhè ge kěyǐ kǎolǜ cóng xiànyǒu de kèhù shùjùkù zhōng xúnzhǎo 。bǐrú nàxiē wǔ 、liù nián qián gòu chē de kèhù ,xiànzài kěnéng huì kǎolǜ huàn chē 。háiyǒu yīxiē niánjì dà yīxiē de kèhù ,tāmen kěnéng huì gěi háizi mǎi chē 。
For this you could consider looking among the customers currently in our database. For example, customers who bought a car five or six years ago might be thinking about getting a new car now. And there's also older customers. They might want to buy their children a car.
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