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Discussing Craft Beer in Chinese - 精酿啤酒

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ID: 4052 Advanced
  Learn about Craft Beer in Mandarin Chinese 如果你喜欢喝口感丰富并且添加不同风味的啤酒,又或者你是啤酒爱好者,那你绝对不能错过今天的课程,快来学一些跟精酿啤酒有关的说法吧! If you like craft beer and want to chat about your passion with Chinese friends, this is the lesson for you. Fiona and Constance discuss the rising popularity of craft beers and teach you ways to describe their flavour and characteristics.
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味道 wèidao flavor; smell
精酿啤酒 jīngniàngpíjiǔ craft beer
恕我... shù wǒ... forgive me...
井底之蛙 jǐngdǐzhīwā the frog at the bottom of the well (idiom); someone with limited experience
děngyīxià !wǒmen diǎn de búshi píjiǔ ma ?zěnme hē qilai yǒu bǎixiāngguǒ de wèidao ?shìbùshì sòng cuò le ?
Wait a minute! Didn’t we order beer? Why am I getting passion fruit flavours drinking it? Did they bring the wrong order?
wǒ bāng nǐ diǎn de shì bǎixiāngguǒ kǒuwèi de jīngniàngpíjiǔ ,dāngrán jiù yǒu bǎixiāngguǒ de wèidao luo zěnmeyàng ?hěn tèbié ba ?
I ordered you a passion fruit flavour craft beer, so of course it has a passion fruit taste. What’s it like? Really cool, no?
jīngniàngpíjiǔ shì shá ?shù wǒ yī jǐngdǐzhīwā ,hái zhēnshi dìyīcì tīngdào ne 。
What is craft beer? Forgive my ignorance of the wider world, it’s really the first time I’ve heard of it.
nǐ jīntiān yùdào wǒ suàn nǐ hǎoyùn ,běnrén zhènghǎo shì jīngniàngpíjiǔ zhuānjiā ,ràng wǒ lái hǎohǎo gěi nǐ shàng yī kè ,bùguò nǐ děi xiān shuō shuō ,hǎobuhǎo hē ?
You’ve really had a stroke of luck today meeting me, I just happen to be a craft beer connoisseur. Let me give you a proper lesson on it, but you should first tell me, do you think it’s nice?
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