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Dining preferences-what’s yours? 餐桌争辩—什么才是你的菜

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ID: 4172 Upper Intermediate
Buffet or a table meal? When to use serving chopsticks? Join us in this lesson for an interesting discussion as well as learn useful vocabulary on some dining etiquettes. 自助餐还是桌餐?什么时候应该用公筷?来听听这个关于餐桌上的选择与礼仪的课程吧! HSK lvl 4 好像 估计 浪费 丰富 规定 热闹 结果 HSK lvl 5 未必 罚款 搞 倒 HSK lvl 6 宁愿 嫌
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估计 gūjì to estimate; to reckon
未必 wèibì not necessarily
罚款 fákuǎn to fine; penalty; fine (monetary)
自助餐 zìzhùcān buffet
jīntiān de cài hǎoxiàng diǎn duō le ,gūjì yòu yào làngfèi le 。
Looks like we’ve over ordered the food, I reckon we’re going to waste food again.
wǒ zǎo jiù shuō yīnggāi qù chī zìzhù de ,àn xū qǔ cài ,xuǎnzé fēngfù yòu bùhuì làngfèi 。
I told you we should have gone for buffet. Not only we don’t waste by taking only what we need but the selection is excellent.
wèibì ba ,xiǎng qǔ duōshao qǔ duōshao ,nà búshi gèng róngyì làngfèi ?
Not necessarily so. Isn’t it more wasteful if we take what we want?
nǐ hái bù zhīdào ba ?xiànzài zìzhùcān tīng dōu guīdìng ,shèngcài tài duō yào fákuǎn ne ,kàn shéi hái gǎn duō qǔ 。
Don’t you know? Restaurants serving buffet have a rule that penalise customers who have too much leftovers.
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