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Detective Li 11: Final Mission (Part 5)

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ID: 1792 Upper Intermediate
With Wang Qiang in custody and Detective Li out of harm's way, it seems the threat of the "Black Cat" has at long last been resolved. What new developments lie in store for our hero and his faithful sidekick, Xiao You? Tune into the grand finale of our Detective Li series to find out! [上集答案: 李探长通过用手指盖住手机话筒的方法告诉小尤 - "我在体育馆,你快去广播室抓捕王强。" ]
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抢救 qiǎngjiù to receive emergency medical care
脱离 tuōlí to leave
打中 dǎzhòng to hit a target
危及 wēijí to endanger
jīngguò qiǎngjiù ,Lǐ tànzhǎng tuōlí le wēixiǎn 。
After receiving emergency medical care, Detective Li was no longer in critical condition.
ér Wáng Qiáng bèi Yóu Lì dǎzhòng le shǒubì hé jiānbǎng ,suīrán méiyǒu wēijí shēngmìng ,dàn zuìzhōng shòudào le fǎlǜ de chéngfá 。
Meanwhile, Wang Qiang had been shot by You Li in the arm and shoulder. His injuries weren't life-threatening, but he was ultimately punished in accordance with the law.
liǎng zhōu hòu ,Lǐ tànzhǎng hé Xiǎo Yóu xiāngyuē láidào le Wáng Qiáng fùqin de mùdì 。mùbēi shàng xiězhe :shéntàn Wáng Huá 。
Two weeks later, Detective Li and Xiao You arranged a time to go to the grave of Wang Qiang's father. On the gravestone was written "Legendary Detective - Wang Hua."
Wáng Huá ?shì nàge lǎo tànzhǎng ma ?”
"Wang Hua? Was that the old detective?"
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