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Designing the New Apartment 4

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ID: 1405 Upper Intermediate
Today we're continuing with our series about designing a new apartment. Many of the basics have been covered, but now it's time to get the details taken care of. In this podcast learn how to talk about getting internet installed. There's so much left to do! Find out how this couple handles the chaos of getting all the work done on their new place!
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装修费 zhuāngxiū fèi renovation fee
材料费 cáiliào fèi materials fee
零头 língtóu odd amount
验收 yànshōu to check and accept
lǎobǎn ,nǐ kàn yīxià ,zhuāngxiūfèi yīgòng shì wǔwàn bā ,cáiliàofèi shì sānwàn èr ,língtóu wǒ dōu yǐjīng qùdiào le 。
Sir, take a look. The renovation fee is 58,000 total. The materials fee is 32,000. I've already rounded off the remaining bit.
āi ,Lǐ shīfu ,nǐ xiān bié jí zhe gēn wǒmen suàn qián a ,wǒmen hái méiyǒu yànshōu hǎo ne 。
Hey, Mr. Li, don't be in such a hurry to add up all the money just yet. We still haven't finished the final check yet.
dāngrán ,dāngrán ,xiān yànshōu ,hòu jiézhàng 。nà nǐmen mànmān kàn ,wǒ míngtiān zài lái ,xiān zǒu le 。
Of course, of course. First do the final check and then we'll settle accounts. You guys take your time and have a look. I'll come again tomorrow. I'm going to get going.
nà Lǐ shīfu zàijiàn 。
See you later, Mr. Li.
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