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Designing the New Apartment 2

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ID: 1352 Upper Intermediate
You've designed the apartment of your dreams. You've picked out furniture in your mind. Now it's time to get cracking on the details. We're not talking about decorative details here - we're talking about essential, practical details like electrical outlets, plumbing and even where to keep the rice cooker. Join us to learn all of this valuable language in today's ChinesePod lesson!
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水电工 shuǐdiàngōng plumber and electrician
灶台 zàotái top of a range
抽油烟机 chōuyóuyānjī range hood
正下方 zhèngxiàfāng exactly underneath
lǎogong ,shuǐdiàngōng lái le ,nǐ gēn tā tán yīxià wǒmen de fāng\'àn 。
Honey, the plumbing and electrical guy is here. Have a talk with him about our plan.
hǎo de ,zhè shì wǒmen de shèjì túzhǐ 。
OK. This is a picture of our design.
āiyōu ,wǒ de mā ya ,lǎobǎn ,nǐ huà de zhè shì shénme ?
Oh wow, boss, what have you drawn here?
dì yī cì huà ,bǐjiào luàn 。nǐ yǒu shénme bù míngbái de jiù wèn wǒ 。
It's the first time I've drawn one. It's pretty messy. If there's anything you don't understand, just ask.
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