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Designing the New Apartment

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ID: 1346 Upper Intermediate
Tired of making do with rented apartments designed in ways that don't suit your needs? Well today's ChinesePod lesson will cover the basics for designing your new apartment. Get everything you want (or, as the case may be, everything your spouse wants) in your new place!
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小天地 xiǎo tiāndì one's own little world
毛坯房 máopīfáng unrenovated home
装修 zhuāngxiū renovation
显得 xiǎnde to appear as if
lǎogōng ,wǒmen zhōngyú yǒu le zìjǐ de xiǎo tiāndì le 。wā ,máopīfáng kàn shàngqu hái tǐng dà de 。
Honey, we finally have our own place. Wow, completely bare, the place looks quite big.
zhuāngxiū wán le jiù xiǎnde xiǎo la 。
After it's been renovated it'll look smaller.
ng4 ,shì a 。duì le ,dào shíhou zhuāngxiū de dì yī chuí kě děi wǒ lái qiāo 。
Yeah, for sure. That's right, when it comes time to do the renovation, the first hammer strike definitely has to be mine.
hēhē ,wúsuǒwèi a 。nǐ kàn ,chúfáng de miànjī bù dà ,yàobu wǒmen zuò kāifàngshì de ba 。
Hehe, that's fine with me. Check it out, the surface area in the kitchen isn't very big. How about we do it open-style?
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