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Delivery Problems

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ID: 1183 Intermediate
There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for a delivery. In today's podcast, learn the Mandarin Chinese you need to prod and cajole your hard-working delivery person. It may not make him any faster, but it will let you blow off some steam as you wait for him to deliver those Liza Minnelli tickets.
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送货 sònghuò to deliver goods
师傅 shīfu Sir, Master
马上 mǎshàng at once
wéi ,nǐ shì sònghuò de ma ?
Hey, are you the delivery person?
duì ,nǐ nǎ wèi ?
Yes. May I ask who you are?
nǐ shuōhǎo shàngwǔ sòng diànnǎo guòlai de 。xiànzài dōu zhōngwǔ le ,nǐ zài nǎr a ?
You agreed that you'd deliver the computer this morning. It's already noon -- where are you?
wǒ jīntiān yào sòng hěn duō dōngxi 。nǐ děng yīxià ,wǒ kuài dào le 。
I have a lot of stuff to deliver today. Please wait a bit -- I'll be there soon.
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