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Delayed at the Airport

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ID: 2964 Upper Intermediate
Strikes are an important tactic in order to improve working conditions and equality, but they can sometimes really inconvenience people's travel plans. Learn all about going on strike in today's lesson. Photo by ampersandyslexia
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罢工 bàgōng strike
惹祸 rěhuò to court disaster; to provoke calamity; to cause a disaster
折腾 zhēteng to roll about; to toss and turn
cháo wave
xiǎomǐn ,nǐ bùshì qiántiān zǎoshang jiù gāi huílai le ?zěnme jīntiān xiàwǔ cái dào ?
Xiaomin, shouldn't you have come back the day before yesterday? Why are you only arriving this afternoon?
háibùshì bàgōng rě de huò !jīchǎng dà bàgōng ,wǒ de bānjī yě bèi qǔxiāo le ,zhēteng le liǎngtiān cái fēi huílai 。
I was delayed by a strike! There was a big airport strike, so my flight was cancelled, and I had to stew in the airport for two days before I could fly back.
ā ,wǒ xiǎng qilai le ,zuìjìn Ōuzhōu yǒu bàgōng cháo ,shàng ge xīngqī shì Fǎguó ,qiánliǎngtiān shì Yīngguó ,nǐ yě tài ”xìngyùn ”le ,bèi nǐ pèngshàng 。
Ah yes, I recall now. Haven't there been a string of European strikes recently. Last week it was France, then over the last two days there were strikes in the UK. You really do have all the "luck", getting to be there for it.
yīdiǎn dōu bù xìngyùn ,yùnqi chāo bèi de 。wǒ zài Yīngguó méiyǒu wǎngluò ,bù zhīdào jīchǎng bàgōng ,yī lù tuō zhe xíngli dào le jīchǎng cái zhīdào 。
I'm not at all lucky, it's really bad luck. I didn't have any internet in the UK and I didn't know there was an airport strike, so I dragged my luggage all the way to the airport before I heard anything about it.
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