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Defusing the Red Bomb

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ID: 2342 Upper Intermediate
Weddings in China often involve large banquets, sometimes with hundreds of guests. In a way, wedding receptions often appear more like fundraisers than an intimate ceremony for family and friends. It seems even more so when one considers that all the guests in attendance are socially obligated to give 红包 (hóngbāo), a red envelope full of money. It can be such a burden for guests that it's often called 红色炸弹 (hóngsèzhàdàn), "the red bomb".
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táo to escape
rēng to throw
喜酒 xǐjiǔ wedding wine
反感 fǎngǎn to dislike
āi ,nǐmen tīngshuō le ma ?shìchǎng bù xīnláide nàge xiǎonánshēng yào jiéhūn le 。dàjiā qiánbāo dōu zhǔnbèi hǎo a 。
Hey, did you all hear? The new young guy in marketing is going to get married. Everyone get their wallets ready.
tā jié tā de hūn ,guān wǒmen qiánbāo shénme shì ?
He's the one getting married. What does that have to do with our wallets?
yào gěi hóngbāo a ,nǐ yǐwéi néng táoguòqù a ?
We need give red envelopes. Did you think you could escape?
bùhuì ba ,tā cái gāng lái le liǎng gè lǐbài ,hǎoyìsi cháo wǒmen rēng hóngsèzhàdàn a ?
No way. He's only been here two weeks. Would he have the nerve to throw us red bombs?
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