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Death by Ninja

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ID: 0636 Intermediate
Though ninjas aren't generally considered one of the risks of doing business in China, one never knows when one is in danger of being knocked off. Sometimes letting down the facade of Mr. Nice Guy can turn on you, as our Canadian businessman Peter is about to discover, to his chagrin. Listen to this podcast, and the tale of Peter's descent into the dark, ugly underworld of Manager Li, in Mandarin Chinese.
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好好 hǎohāo thoroughly; carefully
教训 jiàoxun to teach a lesson
忍者 Rěnzhě ninja
办事 bànshì to handle things
这个Peter, 我一定要好好教训他!喂,要你帮个忙。有个加拿大人,我不想再看到他了。明白吗?
zhège Peter , wǒ yīdìng yào hǎohāo jiàoxun tā !wèi ,yào nǐ bāng ge máng 。yǒu ge Jiānádà rén ,wǒ bù xiǎng zài kàndào tā le 。míngbai ma ?
That Peter... I really have to teach him a lesson. Hello? I need your help. There's a Canadian I don't ever want to see again. You get my drift?
míngbai le 。wǒmen Rěnzhě bànshì ,nǐ fàngxīn 。
I get it. We ninjas will take care of it. Relax.
nà wǒ děng nǐ de hǎo xiāoxi 。
Then I'll wait for the good news.
wèi ,Peter 。
Hello, Peter.
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