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ID: QW0460 Elementary
One of our viewers asked us to review "Hip Internet Terms." So here is a little Chinese CyberSpeak! Some are short phrases. Some consists of a new meaning for an old expression. But all of them are packed with meaning. Knowing these will help you read with clearer understanding. Using them will show that you are 'plugged in' to the latest language trends.
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liúxíng Wǎngluò yòngyǔ
Hip internet terms
怼:这个字的读音为du ǐ,在北方方言中用于表达用手推撞或用语言反驳。在网络中常用怼来反驳对方,带有语言挑衅的意味。
duǐ zhège zì de dúyīn wèi du ǐ ,zài běifāng Fāngyán zhōng yòngyú biǎodá yòng shǒu tuī zhuàng huò yòng yǔyán fǎnbó 。zài Wǎngluò zhōng chángyòng duǐ lái fǎnbó duìfāng ,dàiyǒu yǔyán tiǎoxìn de yìwèi 。
怼: The pronunciation "duǐ" is used in the northern dialect to express "a nudge or a push "or "to rebut with language". On the web, "怼" is often used to refute the other party, with a hint of provocation.
zhā xīn le ,lǎo tiě
Heartache (Something hurts or moves me), my friend or my brother
pínqióng xiànzhì le wǒ de xiǎngxiànglì yǒuqiánrén de shēnghuó nǐ wúfǎ xiǎngxiàng ,suīrán shì yījù wánxiàohuà ,dàn duōshao yǒuxiē zhāxīn ,díquè měitiān chī mántou de háizi gēnběnwúfǎ xiǎngxiàng MǎnHànquánxí de zīwèi 。
Poverty limits my imagination: You cannot imagine the lives of wealthy people. Although it is said as a joke, it is somewhat " Zha1 Xin1". It is true that the children who eat steamed bread every day cannot imagine the taste of a formal banquet of Manchurian and Chinese delicacies.
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