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Cyber Bullying

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ID: 2705 Upper Intermediate
Cyber bullying is a serious issue and can have devastating effects. Listen to two people discuss a recent piece of news where a young women - a victim of cyber bullying - ended up taking her own life and how we might prevent these acts of virtual violence.
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自杀 zìshā to commit suicide
nào to cause an uproar; to make a fuss
霸凌 bàlíng to bully; bullying
职场 zhíchǎng workplace
zuìjìn nà ge nǚmó zìshā de xīnwén nào hǎo dà ò ,suīrán bù rènshi tā ,dàn kàn le xīnwén háishì hǎo nánguò 。
There was lots of coverage in the news about that model's suicide recently. Although I didn't know her, I was very sad to hear about it on the news.
duìa ,hǎoxiàng shì bèi wǎnglù bàlíng 。
Yeah, she seemed to have been bullied online.
wǎnglù bàlíng ?búshì shuō shì zhíchǎng bàlíng ma ?wǒ kàndào xīnwén shuō ,tóngshì yìzhí nìmíng bàoliào ,fàng jiǎ xiāoxi ,nǚmó zuìhòu shòubuliǎo ètiě cái zìshā de 。
Bullied online? Didn't they say it was bullying in the workplace? The news reports I saw said her coworkers revealed things about her anonymously and spread rumors about her. In the end the model couldn't take the negative postings anymore, so she killed herself.
āi ,zǒng ér yán zhī ,dōu shì lìyòng wǎnglù shānghài biérén ya !zhè jiù jiào wǎnglù bàlíng 。
Ah, in the end, it all comes down to using the internet to inflict harm on others! That's what internet bullying is.
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