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ID: 2603 Upper Intermediate
We'll never know what the future holds, but it is always a hot topic for discussion. This lesson will provide you with great vocabulary to discuss technological developments.
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穿越 chuānyuè to travel; to pass through
rěn to stand; to put up with
感人 gǎnrén moving
jiē all
tīngshuō nǐ zuótiān qù kàn “xīngjì chuānyuè ”le ,hǎokàn ma ?
I heard you went to see "Interstellar" yesterday, was it good?
suīrán kàn de wǒ xīlihútu de ,dàn háishì rěn buzhù kū de xīlihuālā de ,tài gǎnrén le !nǐ shuō rénlèi yǐhòu zhēnde huì qù biéde xīngqiú shēnghuó ma ?
Although it confused me a lot, I couldn't help crying like a baby, it was so moving! Do you think that the human race will go to live on other planets in the future?
zhè hěn nánshuō ,xiànzài kējì zhème fādá ,yīqiè jiē yǒu kěnéng !bùshì yǒu jùhuà zhèmeshuō de ma ,méiyǒu zuò bu dào ,zhǐyǒu xiǎngbùdào 。nǐ kàn ,xiànzài hángtiān jìshù yǐjīng zhème fādá le ,yǐhòu kěndìng hái huì bùduàn yǒu xīn de tūpò de 。
That's hard to say, today's technology is so advanced, everything is possible! Isn't there a saying to that effect, nothing is impossible, only unimaginable. You see, space travel has become so advanced, there is sure to be more breakthroughs in the future.
rénlèi zhēn liǎobuqǐ ā !
Humanity is so great!
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