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Cutting A Song At KTV

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ID: 2854 Intermediate
KTV, or Karaoke, is a popular past time in Asia. Common after work or school, it is a great way to socialize and have fun. People take KTV seriously here, but singing ability isn't necessarily a pre-requisite. If someone invites you along, be prepared to let your hair down and have a go. ChinesePod advises you learn at least one popular Mandarin song by heart to really impress your friends and colleagues. Photo by A SW Songs featured in dialogue: 林凡 - 重傷 , 【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】
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连续 liánxù in a row
还敢 háigǎn still dare; to have the cheek to
diǎn to order
冷门 lěngmén not in demand; unpopular
wéi ,nǐmen zěnme dōu bù chàng ā ?wǒ yǐjīng liánxù chàng wǔ shǒu le ,hǎo lèi 。
Hey, you guys aren't going to sing? I've already sang five songs in a row, I'm so tired.
nǐ hái gǎn jiǎng ,gānggāng nà wǔ shǒu gē dōu shì nǐ diǎnr de ,érqiě dōu tài lěngmén wǒmen bùhuì chàng ,wǒmen zhǐhǎo chī dōngxi 。
I'm surprised you have the cheek to say that, you ordered all of the last five songs, and they are all so obscure so we can't sing them, all we can do is eat.
wǒ chèn nǐ chànggē de shíhou yǐjīng chī le liǎng pán chǎofàn le ,xiànzài hěn bǎo 。
I managed to eat two plates of fried rice while you were singing, now I'm very full.
duìbuqǐ la ,nǐmen kuàidiǎnr diǎnr gē ,huàn wǒ chī dōngxi 。
Sorry, hurry up and order some songs, now it's my turn to eat.
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