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Culling Stray Dogs

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ID: 2663 Intermediate

Bridge Lesson: Int>UpInt Today we discuss a news article about a government order to cull stray dogs. Listen to some of the arguments for and against this issue.

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新闻 xīnwén news
巴基斯坦 bājīsītǎn Pakistan
流浪狗 liúlàng gǒu stray dogs
数量 shùliàng amount
nǐ tīng ,jīntiān de xīnwén “bājīsītǎn yīn liúlàng gǒu shùliàng zēngduō rǎomín ,zhèngfǔ xiàdá pūshālìng ”。hǎo cǎn !zhèngfǔ dānxīn shìmín bèi gǒu yǎo ,shā le hǎo duō liúlàng gǒu 。
Listen to today's news, (reads paper). As the amount of stray dogs in Pakistan has increased and they have proved a nuisance to local people, the government has issued an order for a cull. It's terrible! The government are going to kill lots of stray dogs because they are worried about citizens being bitten.
shì yīnwèi kuángquǎn bìng ba ?tīngshuō nàbiān de yìqíng hěn yánzhòng 。
It's probably to do with rabies, no? I hear they have a serious epidemic there.
zhèlǐ de zuìhòu yí duàn hái tídào ,zhèngfǔ dānxīn liúlànggǒu yuèláiyuèduō huì yǐngxiǎng shìróng ,tīng qǐlai hǎo lěngxiě 。
It says in the last bit here, that the government is worried that too many stray dogs will make the city look bad. It sounds so cruel.
dànshì zhè shì shìshí ,bìngbúshì měi ge rén dōu xiàng nǐ yīyàng àigǒu ,dàduōshù de rén huì juéde zhèxiē gǒu yòu zāng yòu chòu 。
But that is reality, not everyone loves dogs as much as you do, the majority of people think that the dogs are dirty and smely.
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