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Crazy Expensive Tea!

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ID: 2911 Upper Intermediate
We at ChinesePod love drinking tea, and often make trips to the tea shop to buy the leaves. Tea culture has thousands of years of tradition, and tea leaves can sell in the thousands of dollars. Listen to a dialogue as two friends discuss tea culture and some crazy expensive tea. Photo by rosipaw
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tuō entrust; to ask someone to do something
品尝 pǐncháng to taste; to try
小意思 xiǎoyìsi a mere trifle
流通 liútōng to circulate
zuìjìn xīn chá shàngshì ,wǒ tuō péngyou mǎi le xiē shànghǎo de xīhú Lóngjǐng ,yào bù yào pǐncháng yīxià ?
A new tea has just come on the market and I asked a friend to buy some top-grade West Lake Dragon Well tea, do you want to taste it?
wā ,nà zěnme hǎoyìsi ,qīngmíng qián de xīn chá kě dé shàng qiān kuài rénmínbì yī jīn ne !
Wow, how could I accept? A new tea before Tomb Sweeping Festival can cost thousands of renminbi for a kilogram!
xiǎoyìsi xiǎoyìsi ,wǒ yě jiù zhèdiǎnr àihào ,hǎozài lǎopó yě lǐjiě ,kuàngqiě zhè qián yě děi liútōng yīxià cái yǒu jiàzhí ma 。
It's a mere trifle, it's one of my only interests. Luckily my wife understands, especially as it has to circulate a bit before it accumulates value.
hāhā ,shuō de yě shì ā ,nā jiù tuō nín de fú ,gōngjìng bùrú cóngmìng lo 。
Ha ha, you're not wrong there. Then I'll take advantage of your good luck, deference is no substitute for obedience.
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