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Costume Ball

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ID: 1278 Upper Intermediate
It's that time of year again - costumes and dress-ups. Explore the social dynamics at play when Chinese adults do dress-up. Will the ugly Pigsy get the sexy Bunny-Girl, or will Bumblebee sweep her off her paws? Pssst, the tall Mandarin speaking ninja over by the bar is John.
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化妆舞会 huàzhuāng wǔhuì masquerade
尽情 jìnqíng as much as one feels
释放 shìfàng to release
兔女郎 tùnǚláng bunny lady
huānyíng cānjiā jīnwǎn de huàzhuāng wǔhuì ,nǚshì men ,xiānshēng men ,jìnqíng de shìfàng ,jìnqíng de huānlè qǐlái ba !
Welcome to tonight's costume ball. Ladies, gentlemen: free yourselves and let the good times roll!
hāi ,měilì de tùnǚláng ,yǒu méiyǒu xìngqù gēn zhū gēge tiào zhī wǔ a ?
Hey beautiful bunny lady, would you be interested in a dance with Mr. Pig?
yàoshì nǐ de dà bízi gēn yuán dùzi néng suōxiǎo dehuà ,wǒ kěyǐ kǎolǜ kàn kan 。
If your big nose and round belly shrank a little bit, I might consider it.
nǐ zěnme yǐmàoqǔrén ne ?kàn ,wǒ lái gěi nǐ zhǎnshì yīxià wǒ de běnlǐng !
How can you judge people by appearances? Here, let me give you a display of my powers.
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