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Complaining to the Waiter

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ID: 0132 Intermediate
Once again, we shed our “puppy dogs and ice cream” demeanor with a lesson on being peeved. In this lesson, Ken (gets furious when we call him Sharon) and Jenny (don’t let that great head of hair throw ya, she’ll scratch your eyes out) take a deep breath, count to ten and lead you in a podcast on getting upset. In this podcast, learn to talk in Mandarin Chinese about being upset, and what you’re going to do about it.
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讨厌 tǎoyàn to hate
抽烟 chōuyān to smoke a cigarette
投诉 tóusù to complain
处理 chǔlǐ to handle
wǒ hěn tǎoyàn yǒurén zài fàndiàn de fēixīyānqū chōuyān 。zuótiān ,wǒ hé wǒ de nǚpéngyou zài fàndiàn chīfàn ,pángbiān zhuō de nánrén kāishǐ chōuyān 。
I really hate it when someone smokes in the non-smoking area of a restaurant. Yesterday I was having dinner with my girlfriend when the guy next to our table started to smoke.
nǐ wèishénme bù jiào tā bié chōu le ?
Why didn’t you ask him to stop smoking?
wǒ shuō le 。dànshì tā bùlǐ wǒ 。tā yībiān chōuyān ,yībiān dàshēng de dǎshǒujī 。wǒ fēicháng shēngqì 。suǒyǐ wǒ xiàng fúwùyuán tóusù 。
I did and he just ignored me. He was smoking and talking loudly on his mobile. I was so pissed off. So I complained to the waiter.
fúwùyuán shuō shénme ?tā zěnme chǔlǐ ?
What did the waiter say? How did he handle it?
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