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Coffee Break Series - Making a good first impression

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ID: 4275 Pre Intermediate
In the Coffee Break Series, we focus on social etiquette in business settings. In a Chinese workplace, there are certain phrases and words that we use to come off as more polite and respectful. Along the way, we will cover some common ''How do I respond to that?" moments in the office. Hopefully, by applying the knowledge you learn in real life, you can avoid miscommunication and bring your business relationships closer. In this episode, we are going to show you 5 ways to make a good first impression on your first day of work. Want to know what to say to your colleagues to come off as more polite and humble? Check out the video and enjoy your coffee break with us!
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会计 kuàijì accountant
部门 bùmén department
指教 zhǐjiào to give advice or comments
拜托 bàituō to request sb to do sth
wǒ xìng Fàn ,jiào ,hěn gāoxìng rènshi dàjiā 。
My last name is Fan, and my first name is Josh. It’s a pleasure to meet you guys.
wǒ xìng Fàn ,jiào 。wǒ shì kuàijì bùmén lái de xīn yuángōng 。jīntiān shì wǒ dì yī tiān shàngbān ,qǐng duōduō zhǐjiào 。bàituō dàjiā le 。xūyào wǒ bāngmáng de ,jǐnguǎn shuō 。
My last name is Fan, and my first name is Josh. I am a new employee in the Accounting Department. This is my first day of work. I would appreciate your guidance. Thank you for your help. If there’s anything you need help with, feel free to ask.
qǐng duōduō guānzhào 。
Please look after me.
qǐng duōduō zhàogù 。
Please look after me.
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