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Coffee Break Series #3 - First Meeting

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ID: 4309 Intermediate
In the intermediate coffee break series, we will follow the footsteps of Nick through his adventure in China. Along the way, you will learn important terms and phrases used in business settings, as well as some tips and tricks on dealing with Chinese businessmen. In this episode, our main character Nick is having his first meeting in the company, and things are not going so well for him. If you want to know what happens in today’s episode, watch the video and get down to business!
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推广 tuīguǎng to spread
方案 fāngàn proposal
发言 fāyán to make a speech
满额 mǎné the full amount
jīntiān yào tǎolùn tōngxìn zhǎn de tuīguǎng fāngàn 。qǐng dàjiā duō fāyán 。
Today we will discuss the promotion plans for the Information & Communication Exhibition. Feel free to speak.
jīnglǐ ,wǒ rènwéi mǎné chōujiǎng huódòng huì shì ge màidiǎn 。
I think a raffle with a minimum purchase will be a selling point.
kěxíng shì kěxíng ,jiùshì tài pǔtōng le 。háiyǒu qítā xiǎngfǎ ma ?
It is feasible, but it is too common. Any other ideas?
wǒ yǒu yīgē tíàn 。wǒ juéde wǒmen kěyǐ zhǎo yīgē wǎnghóng hézuò 。
I have a proposal. I feel that we can find an internet celebrity to work with us.
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