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City: Mumbai

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ID: 1157 Intermediate
Welcome to Mumbai, a city of adventure and fun. Today's Chinese lesson will teach you how to talk in Mandarin about one of the hottest cities in Asia. A center of culture and cuisine, Mumbai sparkles like a sapphire.
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孟买 Mèngmǎi Mumbai
旅游 lǚyóu to travel
繁华 fánhuá flourishing
金融中心 jīnróng zhōngxīn financial center
nǐ qù Mèngmǎi lǚyóu a ?
You're going to Mumbai?
shì a 。nǐ ne ?
Yeah. How about you?
wǒ yě shì 。kàn le diànyǐng ,suǒyǐ xiǎng qù kànkan 。
Me, too. I saw it in a movie, so I thought I'd like to check it out.
wǒ yǐqián qù guo yī cì 。
I've been once before.
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