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Christmas Present Trouble

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ID: 2599 Intermediate
Christmas is just around the corner and we have all got our festive sweaters on, but we in the office have an age out conundrum to solve. What to get your colleagues and family for Xmas. In this dialogue, they have clearly run out of all good ideas.
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飞快 fēikuài at lightning speed
bēi makes a suggestion
保暖内衣 bǎonuǎnnèiyī thermal underware
实用 shíyòng practical
shíjiān guò de fēikuài ya ,shèngdànjié yòu yào dào le !
Time flies! Christmas is coming round again!
shì a ,yī dào shèngdànjié jiùyào mǎi hǎoduō lǐwù ,zhēn shì tóuténg 。
Yeah. You have to buy so many presents once it's Christmas time. What a pain.
jīnnián dǎsuàn sòng nǐ nán péngyou shénme lǐwù ā ?
What are you planning on getting your boyfriend this year?
hái méi xiǎng hǎo ne 。nǐ bāng wǒ xiǎngxiang bēi ,sòng shénme hǎo ?
I haven't thought it through. Come me think of something. What should I give him?
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