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Choosing a Name

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ID: 2729 Intermediate
Choosing a Chinese name is never easy. Especially when seemingly nice looking characters can go together in odd and unusual ways. Listen to today's class and you might learn some interesting things about Chinese names. Learn more about the character 敝 here: Put Me Through to Mr. Cai
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拜访 bàifǎng to pay a visit
交换 jiāohuàn exchange
差一点儿 chàyìdiǎnr nearly
敝姓 bìxìng my (polite) family name
nǐ zhīdào ma ?zuótiān wǒ qù bàifǎng yí gè xīn kèhù ,jiāohuàn míngpiàn de shíhou ,wǒ chàyīdiǎnr xiào chūlái 。
You know what? I went to pay a visit to a new client yesterday. When we were exchanging business cards, I nearly burst out laughing.
wèishénme ?
tā shuō ,nǐhǎo ,bìxìng máo ,ránhòu dì gěi wǒ míngpiàn ,wǒ jiù hěn zìrán de niàn chū tā de míngzi ,chāo qiǔ !
She said: "Hello, my surname is Mao", then passed me her business card. I naturally read her name out loud and it was super embarrassing.
tā jiào ?
She was called?
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