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Chinese Neighbors and Your Children

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ID: 4028 Upper Intermediate
In this lesson, we hear of a young mother who is not too happy with how her neighbours go ahead and pick up her child without her permission. We discuss the differences in community parenting, and how these overly handy aunties can be a blessing if you need help with any child care. Let us know if you've experienced similar things in your neighbourhood.
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行为 xíngwéi behavior
搞不懂 gǎobudǒng to be unable to understand
狗屁倒灶 gǒupìdǎozào nonsense
留神 liúshén to take care
hèng !huílai Zhōngguó zhème cháng shíjiān ,zhèlǐ rén de xíngwéi wǒ yǒu shíhou hái zhēn shì gǎobudǒng !
Hmm! I've been back to China for such a long time, but I still can't really understand the way people act here!
lěngjìng lěngjìng !xiān chuǎn kǒu qì ,yòushì shénme gǒupìdǎozào de shì rě dào nǐ la ?
Calm down! Calm down! First take a breath. What nonsense has you all riled up now?
gānggāng wǒ dài bǎobao chūqù zhuàn zhuan ,yī bù liúshén ,yī wèi lǎotàitai jūrán bǎ wǒ háizi bào qǐlái qīn ,wǒ kèkèqìqi ràng tā bǎ háizi fàngxià ,tā hái bǎ háizi bào gěi lìngyī wèi lǎotàitai !jiǎnzhí bù kě lǐyù !èi ,nǐ shuō tā zuǐbā yǒu duōshao xìjūn ya ?yàoshì hài wǒjiā bǎobao shēngbìng le ,shéi fùzé ?
I just took my baby out for a walk, and when my guard was down for one moment, an old woman suddenly picked up my child to kiss him. I politely asked her to put the child back down, but she gave the child to another old woman! It beggars belief! Agh! You don't know what germs there are in her mouth? If he got my baby sick, who would take responsibility for it?
āi ,Zhōngguó de lǎotàitai bǎ jiēfang línjū dōu dàngchéng zìjǐ de qīnrén ma 。
Ah, Chinese ladies treat all their neighbours like family, no?
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