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Chinese Love Songs (Part 1)

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2019 HOLIDAY SPECIAL: In our first ever episode of Journey into Mandopop, Chi highlights the uses of simile in classic Mandarin love songs such as 恰似你的温柔 by Teresa Teng, and 童话 by Michael Wong. What is your favorite Mandarin love song? Leave us a comment down below!
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guāngliáng 《tónghuà 》
Michael Wong – Fairy Tale
nǐ yào xiāngxìn wǒmen huì xiàng tónghuàgùshì lǐ ,xìngfú hé kuàilè shì jiéjú 。
You shall believe that we would be like in a fairy tale, where we will end in happiness.
yángchéngāng 《lǎoshǔ ài dàmǐ 》
Chengang Yang – The Mouse Loves the Rice
wǒ ài nǐ ,jiù xiàng lǎoshǔ ài dàmǐ
I love you, just like the mouse love the rice.
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