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Chinese Drinking Culture

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ID: 4100 Intermediate
在中国社会里,酒桌文化可说是家人、朋友或同事间社交极端重要的一环。这堂课中,我们将借由几段对话来了解中国酒桌文化,并学习许多相关且实用的词句,例如:不同种类的酒、祝福的话、交际应酬用语。不要忘记去练习页看看,那里有字词解释影片等着你! Chinese drinking culture is often regarded a core component in the Chinese social life, be it between family members, friends or colleagues. In this lesson, we hear a dialogue between two colleagues, from which we learn terms associated with Chinese drinking culture as well as a number of handy phrases you can use on these occasions including types of alcoholic drinks, well-wishing, and relationship-building. Make sure you check out the practice page where we have the character explanation of this lesson!
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咱们 zánmen we or us (including both the speaker and the person(s) spoken to)
杯中酒 bēizhōngjiǔ bottoms up
酒过三巡 jiǔguòsānxún after the drinking has gone through three rounds
劝酒 quànjiǔ to urge sb to drink alcohol
Alice ,jīntiān wǎnshang nǐ qǐng chīfàn ,wǒmen qù nǎr chī a ?
Alice, since you're shouting dinner tonight, where are we going?
zhèr fùjìn yǒu jiā Xīn kāi de huǒguōdiàn ,qù nàr ba 。
There's a new hotpot place around here, let's go there.
hǎo a ,yīgòng jǐgè rén a ?zánmen hējiǔ ma ?
Sure. How many people will there be? Will we be drinking?
jiù wǔ ge rén ,nà dāngrán děi hējiǔ la ,wújiǔbùchéngxí ma !
It'll just be the five of us. Of course we have to drink. A banquet without alcohol is not a banquet at all.
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