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China's Sex Museum

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ID: 2572 Upper Intermediate
Let's talk about sex, baby! In this lesson we take a visit to the sex museum and discuss how attitudes to sex in China have changed.
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逛逛 guàngguang to stroll
接轨 jiēguǐ to bring into line with
博物馆 bówùguǎn museum
展览会 zhǎnlǎnhuì exhibition
tónglǐ gǔzhèn de fēngjǐng hái zhēn bù cuò 。lǎogōng ,hái yǒu shénme jǐngdiǎn wǒmen kěyǐ qù guàngguang ?
The landscape at Tongli is really great. Is there any thing else worth seeing there, dear?
tīngshuō zhèr yǒu yī gè “Zhōnghuá xìng bówùguǎn ”,yào bù yào qù kànkan ?
I hear that there's a Chinese sex museum here, do you want to go take a look?
xìng bówùguǎn ?wǒ hái yǐwéi zhǐyǒu guówài yǒu ne ,guónèi zhè fāngmiàn yě jiēguǐ le ?
A sex museum? I thought that they only existed abroad, who knew China was so up to date?
xiànzài hǎo duō chéngshì dōu kāi le xìng bówùguǎn hé xìng zhǎnlǎnhuì ,dàgài shì Zhōngguórén de xìng guānniàn yuèláiyuè kāifàng le ,suǒyǐ duì xìng wénhuà yě yuèláiyuè guānzhù le 。
Now many cities have opened sex museums and sex expos, perhaps Chinese people are becoming more and more open about sex, so they're paying more and more attention to sex culture.
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