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Child-Parent Fight

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ID: 0378 Intermediate
You wanted more drama so more drama it is. In this podcast, you’ll learn what a parent-child argument sounds like in Mandarin Chinese. We’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with “homework and good grades”.
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用功 yònggōng hardworking
竞争 jìngzhēng competition
抓紧 zhuājǐn to stay on top of
连……都…… lián ... dōu ... even
nǐ zěnme hái zài kàn diànshì ?gōngkè dōu zuòwán le ma ?
How come you are still watching TV? Have you finished all your homework?
zǎo jiù zuòwán le 。wǒ kàn yīhuìr diànshì fàngsōng yīxià 。
I finished it a long time ago. I’m watching TV for a while to relax a bit.
nǐ kàn diànshì de shíhou ,rénjiā dōu zài yònggōng xuéxí ,bǔkè 。xiànzài jìngzhēng zhème jīliè ,nǐzìjǐ bù zhuājǐn kě bùxíng ā !
While you’re watching TV, everyone else is studying hard and doing extra lessons. The competition these days is so fierce; if you don’t stay on top of it, you won’t make it!
wǒ zěnme bù zhuājǐn ?wǒ měitiān chúle zuò yīdàduī de zuòyè hé kèwài liànxí ,háiyào liàn gāngqín ,xué huàhuà ,wǒ shízài shòubuliǎo le !nǐ wèishénme lián wǒ fàngsōng yīxià dōu bùyǔnxǔ ?wǒ hái yǒu shénme tóngnián lèqù ?
How am I not staying on top of it? Every day, besides doing a huge pile of assignments and extra-curricular lessons, I also have to practice piano and take art class. I really can’t take it! Why can’t you allow me to have a little time to relax? What other childhood pleasures do I have?
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