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Checking out a New Flat

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ID: 3007 Intermediate
  In this video lesson, we teach some useful words when you are looking to rent an apartment. Finding an apartment can be hard, but if you know some of the specialist language, your life will get easier. Tune in next week for the follow-up lesson where we sign the lease. If you want more lessons on apartments and housing, we have a whole playlist on the topic here.
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中介 zhōngjiè agent
tào measure word
有眼光 yǒuyǎnguāng to have a good eye
平方 píngfāng square (meter)
nínhǎo ,shì Chén xiǎojie ma ?wǒ shì zhōngjiè de Xiǎo Wáng ,zūfáng de shì ,nín kǎolǜ de zěnmeyàng ?
Hello, is this Ms Chen? I'm Xiaowang from the agency. I was just wondering if you'd considered the room rental?
yǒu yī tào liǎng shì yī tīng de fángzi wǒ juéde hái bùcuò 。
There was a two bedroom apartment that I thought was nice.
nín kě zhēn yǒu yǎnguāng ,zhè tào fáng bāshí píngfāng ,liǎng wò yī chú yī wèi yī yángtái ,jiājù jiā diàn dōu pèiqí le ,nín rúguǒ zū dehuà līnbāorùzhù jiù kěyǐ le 。
You really have quite the eye. That apartment is eighty square meters, with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. The furniture and the appliances are all included. If you rent it you can move right in.
tīng qǐlai hěn bùcuò ,bùguò zūjīn zěnme suàn ?
It sounds great, how much is the rent?
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