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Chatting on the Moon

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ID: 2782 Upper Intermediate
Listen to a dialogue between the two Chinese folklore characters Chang'E and Wu Gang. Learn about Chinese mythology as well as some useful smalltalk.
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转眼 zhuǎn yǎn in the blink of an eye
吴刚 Wú Gāng Wu Gang (mythological figure)
桂花树 guìhuā shù Osmanthus tree
结果 jiēguǒ to bear fruit
zhuǎn yǎn yòu dào bāyuè shí wǔ le ,Wú Gāng xiānsheng ,nín de guìhuā shù kǎn de zěnmeyàng ?
In the blink of an eye it's already the 15th day of the eighth lunar month again, Mr Wu Gang. How is cutting down your Osmanthus tree going?
ài ,rénjiān de guìhuā shù zǎo dōu yǐjīng kāi le ,wǒ zhè yuèliàng shàng de guìhuā shù què hái méiyǒu kǎn wán ā 。
Agh! The Osmanthus trees in the mortal world are already in bloom, but I still haven't finished chopping down the Osmanthus trees on the moon.
kàn nín zhè guìhuā shù jì bù kāihuā ,yě bù jiēguǒ de ,guàibude Yùhuángdàdì yào nín bǎ zhè shù gěi kǎn le ya 。
It looks like your Osmanthus tree here doesn't bloom and it doesn't bear fruit, no wonder the Jade Emperor wants you to chop it down.
huà shì méicuò ,kěshì zhè chàshì zhēn bù róngyì ā 。
It's easy to say, but this task is no walk in the park.
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