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Chasing Stars

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ID: 2673 Upper Intermediate
Are you crazy about K-pop? Well listen to a super fan describe her recent trip to a concert and her infatuation with the latest supergroup coming out of S.Korea.
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团体 tuántǐ group
过瘾 guòyǐn gratifying; to get a kick out of something
心跳 xīntiào heartbeat
加快 jiākuài to speed up
ǎi !zhè búshì yǎnchànghuì de piàogēn ma ?nǐ qù kàn le nàge nǐ xǐhuan hěnjiǔ de Hánguó tuántǐ le ma ?zěnmeyàng ?guò bú guòyǐn ?
Ah! Isn't this a ticket stub for a concert? Did you go to see that South Korean group you've liked for ages? How was it? Did you have a great time?
guòyǐn ā !shàng lǐbàisān qù kàn de ,dào xiànzài xiǎngdào dōu hái huì xīntiào jiākuài ne !zhēnde chāo kāixīn ,tāmen měi yí ge dōu hǎo gāo 、hǎo shuài ā 。
It was great! I went last Wednesday, even now my heartbeat speeds up when I think about it! It was a really good time, they are all really tall and very handsome.
hā hā hā ,jiǎng dào tāmen ,nǐ mǎshàng biàn huāchī yē !duìle ,nǐ yǒumeiyǒu bèi yāoqǐng shàngtái ā ?
Hahaha, you seem really lovestruck all of a sudden! Oh yes, did you get invited on stage?
ǎi ,shuōdào zhè ge jiù nánguò ,bèi yāoqǐng shàngtái de jìngrán shì wǒ pángbiān de nǚshēng !zhè qiānzǎinánféng de jīhuì jìngrán búshì wǒ !
Ah, talking of that it's a little sad, it was actually the girl next to me that got invited on stage! I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime!
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