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Challenges of smoking control in cities 任重道远──城市控烟

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ID: 4150 Media
Recently governments in different countries are stepping up smoking control and smoking ban alongside education and awareness of the negative effects of smoking on health. In this lesson, we learn about the challenges of smoking control in China, in particular Xian. We use the Chinese idiom 任重道远 to mean that although smoking control measures have been introduced, it is a “long way to go” to be fully adopted. The HSK vocabulary taught are 落实(6)制约(6)妥协(6)打折(4)呼吁(6) 目前,各国政府正在一步步加强控烟与禁烟,同时提醒、教育人们吸烟有害健康。在这一课中,我们将学习中国城市禁烟行动中面对的挑战,以西安为例。我们使用成语“任重道远”,表示虽然控烟行动已经开展,但是距离成功还有很长的路。 HSK词汇 落实(6)制约(6)妥协(6)打折(4)呼吁(6)
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海外 hǎiwài overseas
yān cigarette or pipe tobacco
阵营 zhènyíng group of people; camp; faction
吞云吐雾 tūnyúntǔwù to swallow clouds and blow out fog (idiom)
chéngshì kòng yān nán zài nǎlǐ
Challenges to tobacco control in a city.
jiéxuǎn zì RénmínRìbào hǎiwài bǎn
Excerpt from People's Daily Overseas Edition
cóng běn yuè kāishǐ ,yòu yī ge Zhōngguó chéngshì jiārù yángé kòng yān “zhènyíng ”。
With effect this month, another Chinese city joins the “camp” to enforce strict tobacco control.
shíyī yuè yī rì ,《XīānShì kòngzhì xīyān guǎnlǐ bànfǎ 》zhèngshì shīxíng 。
On 1 November, Xian city officially implements measures to control smoking.
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