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Celebrating a Baby's First Month

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ID: 1618 Upper Intermediate
In Chinese culture, there's a special celebration when a baby turns one month old. The gift-giving details can be a little confusing, even to the Chinese, so listen to this lesson for an explanation. While you're at it, learn what gift is given to celebrate a newborn's birth.
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老实 lǎoshi well-behaved
to kick
biē to suppress, to suffocate
憋得慌 biēdehuāng to feel suffocated, stifled
lǎopó ,wǒ huílái la !kuài lái ràng wǒ qīn qin wǒmen de xiǎobǎobao 。
Honey, I'm home. Let me kiss our little baby.
tā jīntiān a zhēn bù lǎoshi ,tī le wǒ hǎo jǐ xià le 。
He's really not being good today. He's kicked me tons of times already.
dāi zài māma de dùzi lǐ shì bu shì biēdehuāng a ?zài guò liǎng ge yuè nǐ jiù chūlái le ,nàixīn diǎnr a !
Feeling like you can't take it in mommy's tummy anymore, huh? You'll be out of there in just two months. Be a little patient.
ái ,nǐ kuài shūxǐ yīxià 。guò huǐr bùshì qù chī mǎnyuèjiǔ ma ?
Oh, hurry up and get ready. We have to go to that baby's one-month celebration dinner in a little while, no?
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