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Caught Cheating

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ID: 2256 Upper Intermediate
The expectations for Chinese students are high, some would even say impossibly so. In the face of such pressure, cheating is rampant. In this lesson, a group of students discuss how they can cheat their way through a test when they've run out of time to prepare.
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zhé to fold
sāi to stuff inside
zhān to stick
偷看 tōukàn to steal a look
ā !!!zěnme bàn ,míngtiān 《máogài 》kǎoshì wǒ dōu méi bèichūlái a !zhè ge lǎoshī tīngshuō tèbié xǐhuan guān rén ,wǒ wándàn le !
Whoa! What am I going to do? Tomorrow is the final on Mao Zedong Thought and I haven't memorized anything! I've heard this teacher really likes to fail people. I'm done for!
nǐ jí shénme ya ,bīng lái jiàng dǎng ,shuǐ lái tǔ yǎn ma 。
What are you worried about? There's a solution to every situation.
nándào nǐmen dōu bèichūlái le ?
Then have you all memorized it?
zěnme kěnéng ,nàme wúliáo de dōngxi 。bùguò ,wǒ yǐjīng zhǔnbèi hǎo xiǎochāo le 。hēihēi 。
How? It's such boring stuff. However, I've already prepared a crib sheet. Heh heh.
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